Security websites are getting to be like belly buttons. Everyone has one. This is an effort to provide a comprehensive listing while sifting out the chaff. Below you will find links with some description of what you might find at the other end.

The Open Source Security Testing Methodology (SourceForge Project page) project aims to develop an open standard for security testing. The project home page is "Security Through Obscurity" is recognized for the Bad Thing that it is. The Open Source Security Testing Methodology project is important to bringing security testing out into the light of day.

This manual is to set forth a standard for Internet security testing. Disregarding the credentials of many a security tester and focusing on the how, I present a solution to a problem which exists currently. Regardless of firm size, finance capital, and vendor backing, any network or security expert who meets the outline requirements in this manual is said to have completed a successful security snapshot. Not to say one cannot perform a test faster, more in depth, or of a different flavor. No, the tester following the methodology herein is said to have followed the standard model and therefore if nothing else, has been thorough.

Security websites:

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Last updated on April 27, 2001