A (not so) Brief History of Linux by Ken Dyke, Elegant Innovations
Presented March 2001
Presented March 2003
last modified May 24, 2003
I did a complete re-write for the two year annivesary meeting. Yet it nowhere near tells the whole story. A really big piece that is missing is the story of ArpaNet. Maybe I will be happier with the re-write for the March 2005 meeting. :-)
The original can still be found here. It is very disjointed and the only reason for looking at it would be for references to google on. A Brief History of Linux

Securing a Default Linux Installation by Ken Dyke, Elegant Innovations
April 2001
last modified April 27, 2001
While it gives an overview of general security considerations this paper is primarily focused on securing a stand-alone workstation with a connection to the Internet.

Graphics and Multimedia Programming for GNU/Linux by Craig Delger and Rusty Conover, Bangtail Technologies
May 2001
This dynamic duo really got the meeting jazzed up with their presentation. Focusing on the SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library while covering many other graphic libraries and APIs.

PHP by Damien Dezurik and Mohammed Sentissi, Montana State University
June 2001
A great introduction to PHP scripting with lots of code examples and demos. Oh, and links to excellent resources on PHP too.
NOTE: We are currently working on mirroring this presentation on the BozemanLUG website.

Compact Disc by Ken Dyke, Elegant Innovations
July 2002
This was a "lightning talk". I spent less then ten minutes tossing off some incoherent information regarding very low level compact disc technology.
I will try to make my write-up a bit more comprehensible and will include some links to additional resources.

Virtual Private Networking by Joe Haynes, Terra Firma Solutions
An excellent overview/introduction to VPN using Freeswan.

LinuxFromScratch by Ken Dyke, Elegant Innovations
Building a base operating system around the Linux kernel from source code.

PHP and the Zend Engine - Past, Present, and into the Future by Ryan Gantt
This was a hard hitting, jump right into the code presentation.