||*-------- At Tonight's Meeting... ------*|| ||*-------- Bozeman Linux User Group Meeting ------*|| ||*-------- ------*|| ||*-------- ------*|| ||*-------- Ken Dyke, editor ------*|| ||*-------- ------*|| ||*-------- At Tonight's Meeting... ------*|| ||*-------- by Ken Dyke ------*|| ||*-------- LUG Business... ------*|| ||*-------- The Meeting... ------*|| ||*------ Tool Tip -------*|| ||*------ by Ken Dyke -------*|| ||*------ PHP News -------*|| ||*------ by Ryan Gantt -------*|| ||*------ Doghouse -------*|| ||*----- Book Reviews ------*|| ||*----- Books Available for Review -----*|| Due to the great response/demand for this feature I have been working with publishers to increase the selection of books available. I have succeeded in establishing a couple of relationships for keeping book reviewers busy. The guidelines given to me by these publishers vary somewhat but the the following outline encompasses behavior that will avoid feelings of abuse and exploitation all around. Please read and follow these guidelines in ordering review copies of books. 1) Limit one book per month. 2) Publish a review before ordering another book. 3) When selecting a book for review choose one that has been published within the past year or so. 4) We are a Linux User Group. Please keep this in mind when selecting titles. (For example, Photoshop does not run on Linux so it would be inappropriate to ask for "Photoshop 7: The Complete Reference") 5) If there were a fifth item it would go here. We have not developed a guide for the review itself so until then you might give Slashdot's book review guide a look see: (slashdot.org/book.review.guidelines.shtml) Send reviews to Ken to be published in the next issue of "At Tonight's Meeting...". Please make the files ascii text only with lines wrapped at 75 characters (to fit an 80 character wide screen). Check out the fmt command. I will use 'fmt -u foo.bar' to format files that do not fit an 80 character screen. This will likely result in mangling of any layout you desire. As noted in the Slashdot guideline, do not fear of making your review too long. You have taken the time to read the book don't wimp out and write a too short a review that does not tell the rest of us fully what you think of the book. The following books are available for review: www.osborne.com www.oreilly.com/catalog/prdindex.html New Riders Press Addison Wesley [ken_i_m: If there is a publisher whose books you have enjoyed for their quality please let me know and I will try to work out an arrangment with them for obtaining review copies.] ||*----- EOF -----*||

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