||*-------- At Tonight's Meeting... ------*|| ||*-------- Bozeman Linux User Group Meeting ------*|| ||*-------- July 31, 2003 ------*|| ||*-------- ------*|| ||*-------- Ken Dyke, editor ------*|| ||*-------- ------*|| ||*-------- At Tonight's Meeting... ------*|| ||*-------- by Ken Dyke ------*|| It was a good turn out for mid-summer. Scott and Warren came over from Billings. New to the meeting was Dan and his friend, of whom I am unable to remember her name (sorry, I should have wrote it down). A number of the regulars were there as well. Thank you all for making it a great meeting. ||*-------- LUG Business... ------*|| The programming contest was hashed over. The rules are going to be dead simple. Basically, the employees of a sponsoring entity can not compete for that entity's prize. They can compete for other prizes. Winners must show up at the awards ceremony to be eligible. A non interest bearing account will be opened to hold the prize money until the awards ceremony. Each prize will have a vague specification regarding what contestants will be judged by. ||*-------- The Meeting... ------*|| Ken had a stack of documents in which he had highlighted notes regarding the upcoming 2.6.0 Linux kernel. As usual the meeting morphed in an open and wide ranging discussion. ||*------ Tool Tip -------*|| ||*------ by Ken Dyke -------*|| Memtest86 - A stand-alone memory diagnostic. I was getting erratic results compiling some packages on my laptop. After making a new flat spot on my forehead I decided to test the memory to see if I had flaky RAM. I downloaded the source from www.memtest86.com and made a floppy (see README for instructions). Inserted the floppy in the laptop, booted, and bang. It was testing the RAM. After going through a series of tests it informed that there was nothing wrong with the RAM. Bitter good news. ||*------ PHP News -------*|| ||*------ by Ryan Gantt -------*|| -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =- PHP News -- 2003 August 1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= PHP 4.3.3rc2 Released --------------------- This is potentially one of the last builds that the PHP group will release until 5.0. Looking at the changelog from RC1, most of the changes are simply bug fixes, along with small upgrades to the PHP-bundled expat library, and an improvement on the NSAPI SAPI module that will allow PHP generate HTTP error messages and directory listings. PHP 5.0.0b1 Changes (Non Object Model Related) ------------------- The 5.0.0b1 build of php was release about a month ago, and it's highlights are the changes that were made to the object model. These changes were nearly all made in the Zend Engine itself -- A full list of the Object Model type changes can be found here (a tref)http://www.php.net/zend-engine-2.php(!a) Among the php-level changes: - The bundle and default usage of the SQLite extension - Improvement in the speed of internal php functions that use callbacks (ex// array_walk(), usort()) by 40% - Brand new DOM and XSL extensions, and the removal of the expat library from the release bundle - Removal of the bundlded MySQL client library - Improved streams/wrappers to streams support for sockets, ftp - Antialiased drawing support in GD extension - array_search() function now accepts Object as a needle (Collections, Collections, Collections) - Added parameters to the digest methods to force them to return sums in binary (md5, sha1) - IPv6 Support for ext/sockets Differences between the PHP 5 alpha and beta releases (yes, stuff got b0rked): - Import statement for bringing methods into the global namespace from classes, and classes into the global namespace from artificial namespaces - User created namespaces -- These were sweet. I had written parts of a library using namespaces, downloaded PHP 5-b1, and it crapped. A sad day, because namespaces allowed you to take the organization of standard classes a step further by bundling similar classes (or exception classes (that's what I was using them for)) and accessing them through a namespace wrapper thing (the same way you would access an uninstantiated method '::'). You could essentially have more control over class scope. ||*------ Doghouse -------*|| There is an anti-spam effort underway in Congress that has the support of a number of big players. The fact that these corporations were supporting this bill has caused a few eyebrows to raise and the fine print to be more closely read. It turns out that it is mere a bill to make it illegal for small companys to spam and for end users to refuse mailings from said big players. ||*----- Book Reviews ------*|| No book reviews this issue. ||*----- Books Available for Review -----*|| Due to the great response/demand for this feature I have been working with publishers to increase the selection of books available. I have succeeded in establishing a couple of relationships for keeping book reviewers busy. The guidelines given to me by these publishers vary somewhat but the the following outline encompasses behavior that will avoid feelings of abuse and exploitation all around. Please read and follow these guidelines in ordering review copies of books. 1) Limit one book per month. 2) Publish a review before ordering another book. 3) When selecting a book for review choose one that has been published within the past year or so. 4) We are a Linux User Group. Please keep this in mind when selecting titles. (For example, Photoshop does not run on Linux so it would be inappropriate to ask for "Photoshop 7: The Complete Reference") 5) If there were a fifth item it would go here. We have not developed a guide for the review itself so until then you might give Slashdot's book review guide a look see: (slashdot.org/book.review.guidelines.shtml) Send reviews to Ken to be published in the next issue of "At Tonight's Meeting...". Please make the files ascii text only with lines wrapped at 75 characters (to fit an 80 character wide screen). Check out the fmt command. I will use 'fmt -u foo.bar' to format files that do not fit an 80 character screen. This will likely result in mangling of any layout you desire. As noted in the Slashdot guideline, do not fear of making your review too long. You have taken the time to read the book don't wimp out and write a too short a review that does not tell the rest of us fully what you think of the book. The following books are available for review: www.osborne.com www.oreilly.com/catalog/prdindex.html New Riders Press Addison Wesley [ken_i_m: If there is a publisher whose books you have enjoyed for their quality please let me know and I will try to work out an arrangment with them for obtaining review copies.] ||*----- EOF -----*||

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