||*--------           At Tonight's Meeting...             ------*|| 
||*--------      Bozeman Linux User Group Meeting         ------*|| 
||*--------             June 26, 2003                     ------*|| 
||*--------                                               ------*|| 
||*--------             Ken Dyke, editor                  ------*|| 
||*--------                                               ------*|| 

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of "At Tonight's Meeting..."

||*--------           At Tonight's Meeting...             ------*|| 
||*--------              by Ken Dyke                      ------*||

Thanks go out to Josh, Mike, Dan, Jeff, Ryan, Bob, Neal, Sheri, Scott, 
Warren, Ken, and anyone else who's name I have forgotten.

||*--------                LUG Business...                ------*||

A few more details have been worked out.  There is another sponsor.
It is now to the point where "real soon now" I will start a thread 
where we can begin hashing out the bulk of the details.  We will also
be looking for additional ideas/leads for securing more sponsors.

The calendar has been getting shuffled and re-written.  The updated
schedule will be posted "real soon now".

||*--------                The Meeting...                 ------*||

The Meeting began with the usual round of introductions, book give
away, and some LUG news.  Scott brought some mult-media in which we
are working on have copies made so that they will be available at 
the next meeting.

Neal Richter then launched into an in-depth presentation of ht://dig.
Starting with an overview of information retrieval, he then described
various methods used in this field generally.  Neal then introduced
ht://Dig, its origins, architecture, components, internals, library,
and finally some history of the project organization and licensing
issues.  It was thorough and well done presentation.  Thank you, Neal.

There was a humorous interlude where the pronuncation of MySQL was

The open discussion period after the main presentation was particularily
lively and interesting.  It was one of those "you should have been
there" sort of happenings.

||*------                  Tool Tip                      -------*|| 
||*------                by Ken Dyke                     -------*|| 

gcc - the Gnu C Compiler.  Other then a couple of "hello world" type
programs when I started to learn C I have never directly invoked
the gcc.  Using make and a makefile is much more useful for this.  But
none of this has anything to do with this month's Tool Tip.  What does
is the version of gcc being used.

The current/latest release of gcc is 3.3.x but it is a mistake to use
the latest version to compile all packages.  A classic example that
highlights this is the Linux kernel.  It is highly recommended that
one use the gcc series that the kernel series being compiled was
developed against.  This is a rough rule of thumb.

Like other software packages the gcc is an evolving tool.  This 
evolution is reflected in the version numbering.  Coding practice
that worked with the 2.xx.xx gcc may not compile properly under
gcc-3.x.x.  It is a known that stability issues or compilation errors
occur when using gcc-3.x.x to conpile a 2.4.xx kernel.

On the other hand, from watching the LKML it appears that some of the
core maintainers are using gcc-3.x.x to compile 2.5.xx devoplment
kernels.  Thus any coding style bugs that arise as a result get ironed
out.  This brings up a related issue of kernel headers being included
in other packages and how to go about doing that safely but that
deserves a column all to itself.

||*------                  PHP News                      -------*|| 
||*------                by Ryan Gantt                   -------*|| 

Ryan is busy with his new job and summer so I am filling in for him.
But I am a lousy substitute so the only news is what you probably
already know:
PHP 5.0.0 Beta 1 has been released.

||*------                  Doghouse                      -------*|| 

The RIAA for announcing that they will begin a campaign to sue
thousands individuals for "illegal file trading".  In a top ten list
of signs of a broken business model the number one sign would be suing
your customers.  (Which is also a hint to last month's Doghouse dweller,

||*-----                  Book Reviews                    ------*|| 

Not surprisingly, I have read a number of books this past month.
However, they are all research for future presentations to the LUG.
Since I do not want to steal the thunder from said presentations I
am not going to publish reviews of these books at this time.

I have not received any book reviews from other LUG members in the
past month. *hint*hint*hint*

||*-----           Books Available for Review              -----*|| 

Due to the great response/demand for this feature I have been working
with publishers to increase the selection of books available.  I have
succeeded in establishing a couple of relationships for keeping book
reviewers busy.  The guidelines given to me by these publishers vary
somewhat but the the following outline encompasses behavior that will
avoid feelings of abuse and exploitation all around.

Please read and follow these guidelines in ordering review copies of

1) Limit one book per month. 
2) Publish a review before ordering another book. 
3) When selecting a book for review choose one that has been 
   published within the past year or so. 
4) We are a Linux User Group.  Please keep this in mind when 
   selecting titles.  (For example, Photoshop does not run on 
   Linux so it would be inappropriate to ask for "Photoshop 7: 
   The Complete Reference") 
5) If there were a fifth item it would go here. 

We have not developed a guide for the review itself so until then you
might give Slashdot's book review guide a look see: 

Send reviews to Ken to be published in the next issue of "At Tonight's 
Meeting...".  Please make the files ascii text only with lines wrapped
at 75 characters (to fit an 80 character wide screen).  Check out the 
fmt command.  I will use 'fmt -u foo.bar' to format files that do not 
fit an 80 character screen.  This will likely result in mangling of any 
layout you desire.  As noted in the Slashdot guideline, do not fear of 
making your review too long.  You have taken the time to read the book 
don't wimp out and write a too short a review that does not tell the rest 
of us fully what you think of the book. 

The following books are available for review: 
New Riders Press
Addison Wesley
[ken_i_m:  If there is a publisher whose books you have enjoyed for 
their quality please let me know and I will try to work out an 
arrangment with them for obtaining review copies.]

||*-----                     EOF                           -----*|| 

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