||*--------           At Tonight's Meeting...             ------*|| 
||*--------      Bozeman Linux User Group Meeting         ------*|| 
||*--------              May 29, 2003                     ------*|| 
||*--------                                               ------*|| 
||*--------             Ken Dyke, editor                  ------*|| 
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Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of "At Tonight's Meeting..."

||*--------           At Tonight's Meeting...             ------*|| 
||*--------              by Ken Dyke                      ------*||

Thanks go out to Josh, Mike, Dan, Dustin, Jeff, David, Ryan, Bob, 
and Ken for making it a great meeting.

||*--------                The Meeting...                 ------*||

The bad news it that Neal Richter stood the LUG up.  No word was 
heard from Neal that he would not be able to make it.  :-(

Fortunately, the open discussion after the presentations has always 
been a strong feature of the meetings.  So, after Ken gave away the 
books he had this month we got right to said discussion.

While the details are yet to be worked out, Ken announced that that 
at least one party is interested in putting up some loot to be awarded 
in the programming contest.  Some additional problems for the contest 
are being sought.

While there is a tenative calendar posted.  It should be stressed that
it is not set in stone.  A quick glance will reveal that Ken Dyke 
is the presenter listed for each meeting for the rest of the year. 
Past experience has shown that the quality of the presentations 
are seriously diluted when Ken has to prepare for them month after 
month.  Please, email Ken with any ideas you may have for a presentation.

Easter egg: Ken attended the Yellowstone Valley LUG meeting two weeks 
ago.  He brought home a hilarious Shockwave file.  It was a "point 
and click" experience to install the flash plug-in for Mozilla on 
a RedHat 9 system.  The file can be obtained from the LUG website.  
Note: there is no link to the file on the website itself.
The file is a parody of the Apple "switch" advertising campaign.
This is not an endorsement for "click-wrap" EULAs.  Please consider this
carefully before agreeing to Macromedia's or anyone else's EULA.

||*------                  Tool Tip                      -------*|| 
||*------                by Ken Dyke                     -------*|| 

diff is a well known tool for finding the differences between two 
things (I say "things" because diff accepts directories as arguments.)
diff based patches are now the most common form of patch file.

A less well known tool is comm.  comm can be used to find the 
intersection of two files.  That is, what they have in common.

comm is now supplied as part of the coreutils package.  See its man 
page for usage.

||*------                  PHP News                      -------*|| 
||*------                by Ryan Gantt                   -------*|| 

PHP News -- Week of 2003/05/30

Head's up: Basically nothing has happend this month, save the release of PHP 

"The PHP developers are proud to announce the immediate availability of PHP 
4.3.2. This release contains a large number of bug fixes and is a strongly 
recommended update for all users of PHP."

-- Pear Meeting Summary --

The PEAR meeting took place on Friday, 10th, May 2003 in Amsterdam.

For the record it should be noted that some people were attending this meeting
in person while many others were participating via IRC and listening/watching
video and audio streams. We would like to thank Jeroen Houben from Terena for
providing the facilities.

The following topics were discussed (in no particular order): Quality,
Documentation, PFC (PEAR Foundation Classes), PEAR on windows, PEAR Installer,
PEAR Website, PHP 5, Promotion, Future developments.

^ Other than this, there is not news from the pear side of php.

Pear has seemingly cancelled their weekly package update/summaries that were a 
large source for content on the php newsletter.

-- PHP-GTK News --

Version 0.52 is out! It's been out since last November.

-- PHP CVS Snapshots --

Bi-hourly CVS snapshots are available at http://snaps.php.net.

They have available: PHP 5.0.0/Zend 2.0.0-dev snapshots and 4.3.2. They have 
tarballs and zips.

-- PHP Fun/Fast Fact: --

The original version of PHP/FI was written in Perl by Rasmus Lerdorf to track 
hits to his online resume.

||*------                  Doghouse                      -------*|| 

SCO Group
enuff sed

||*-----                  Book Reviews                    ------*|| 

DNS & BIND Cookbook
Cricket Liu
222 pages
ISBN 0-596-00410-9

Review by Ken Dyke

The boss calls a meeting.  The gist is that Microsoft domain name 
services has got to go.  You are given the assignment based on your 
advocacy of open source and the fact that you are not an MSCE.  The 
directive is to implement a DNS server by tomorrow afternoon.

Here is your big chance to show the superiority of what you have 
been preaching.  You know plenty of networking and have a pretty 
good idea of the theory of how the DNS system works.  But you have 
never actually set up a DNS server before.  What do you do?

Quick, run over to Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings or (your 
favorite bookstore here) and pick up a copy of this book.  Download 
the latest version of BIND.  Stay up all night.  Accept the accolades 
of a hero.  Ah, the smell of victory.  It smells like freshly burnt 
MSCE's in the morning... opps, wrong movie.

There is no wasted verbage.  It cuts right to the chase.  Working 
straight out of this book I was able to set up a server in an 
afternoon.  And that includes compiling the source and adding boot 

Cricket Liu is co-authored DNS and BIND (O'Reilly) with Paul Albitz.  
If you don't have a general theory of how DNS works this might be 
a good read.

The source package of BIND comes with the Administrator's Reference 
Manual (ARM).

All Tomorrow's Parties
William Gibson
339 pages
ISBN 0-425-10944-7

Reviewed by Ken Dyke

Ah, junk reading.  I don't indulge nearly as much as I use to.  Partly, 
because it is so hard to find a good author whom I have not read all 
of their works.  I read Gibson's Neuromancer eon's ago and only 
re-discovered him again a bit over a year ago.

Virtual Light with its killfile turned inside out was pretty cool.  The 
next installment in the story line, Idoru, was a major effort by the 
author that resulted in an entertaining read.  All Tomorrow's Parties 
is... well, filler.  If I had ever smoked I might equate it with a
cigarette after sex.  It is not the cigarette that is enjoyable but 
the afterglow.  And it occuppies the time until the next go 'round.

Speaking of which, Pattern Recognition is available on bookstands near you.

||*-----           Books Available for Review              -----*|| 

Due to the great response/demand for this feature I have been working
with publishers to increase the selection of books available.  I have
succeeded in establishing a couple of relationships for keeping book
reviewers busy.  The guidelines given to me by these publishers vary
somewhat but the the following outline encompasses behavior that will
avoid feelings of abuse and exploitation all around.

Please read and follow these guidelines in ordering review copies of

1) Limit one book per month. 
2) Publish a review before ordering another book. 
3) When selecting a book for review choose one that has been 
   published within the past year or so. 
4) We are a Linux User Group.  Please keep this in mind when 
   selecting titles.  (For example, Photoshop does not run on 
   Linux so it would be inappropriate to ask for "Photoshop 7: 
   The Complete Reference") 
5) If there were a fifth item it would go here. 

We have not developed a guide for the review itself so until then you
might give Slashdot's book review guide a look see: 

Send reviews to Ken to be published in the next issue of "At Tonight's 
Meeting...".  Please make the files ascii text only with lines wrapped
at 75 characters (to fit an 80 character wide screen).  Check out the 
fmt command.  I will use 'fmt -u foo.bar' to format files that do not 
fit an 80 character screen.  This will likely result in mangling of any 
layout you desire.  As noted in the Slashdot guideline, do not fear of 
making your review too long.  You have taken the time to read the book 
don't wimp out and write a too short a review that does not tell the rest 
of us fully what you think of the book. 

The following books are available for review: 
New Riders Press
Addison Wesley
[ken_i_m:  If there is a publisher whose books you have enjoyed for 
their quality please let me know and I will try to work out an 
arrangment with them for obtaining review copies.]

||*-----                     EOF                           -----*|| 

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