At tonight's meeting was Josh, two other gentlemen whom I am sorry to say I did not get their names, and yours truly. (Gentlemen, please feel free to let me know who you are.)

It was a pleasant discussion that ranged over a wide range of topics.

We spent some time talking about programming languages and Josh gave some insightful examples of Python. (We finally got some use out of that whiteboard in the meeting room.) What Josh illustrated, in what he assured us was very simple examples, was a few lines of code that would be very difficult to do with a language such as C. This evolved into talk about using the right tool for the job and understanding what particular tools can do. If we are lucky, we might talk Josh into giving a small presentation about Python in the future.

We talked a bit about security. Here is the URL to Ross Anderson's homepage http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/users/rja14/ New to his site is a FAQ about the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA)(These major corporations have some very scary things planned to assure their revenue stream). There are quite a few papers available on his site. He is also the author of Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems. This excellent book provides a thorough overview of the entire field of security system design. It actually spends very little time on crypto.

Ken related the book offer the group has from New Riders Press. Essentially, it is the offer of a review copy of one of serveral titles each month for the small price of a book review within 90 days. New Riders started this program last year. I received Vi IMrpoved by Steve Oualline (more than you want to know about VIM in an easy to read text.) Than after I left on sabbatical MySQL: Building User Interfaces by Matthew Stucky was delieverd. I have not yet cracked the covers on this one. Looking at the e-mail for last month there were three titles to choose from:

MTIV:Process, Inspiration, and Practice for the New Media Designer
Hillman Curtis

3D Graphics and Animation
Hark Giambruno

Vikram Vaswani

If folks are interested in participating in this in the future we can try it out and see how it works. Let me know.

As for the rest . . . well, you had to be there.

You too can be at the next meeting on July 25th. No reservations needed.


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