Title : Cocoon: Building XML Applications
Author : Matthew Langham and Carsten Ziegeler
Pages : 480
Publisher : New Riders Press
ISBN : 0-7357-1235-2
Reviewed by Mike Stone
Summary : A mis-leading title that leads to disappointment.

Title : Linux Server Hacks
Author : Rob Flickenger
Pages : 221
Publisher : O'Reilly
ISBN : 0-596-00461-3
Reviewed by Ken Dyke
Summary : This is a gem of collection of ideas and hacks to make administering servers easier that is not found in HOWTO guides.

Title : The Code Book
Author : Simon Singh
Pages : 410
Publisher : Anchor Books
ISBN : 0-385-49532-3
Reviewed by Ken Dyke
Summary : An enjoyable read about the history and art of cryptography.

Title : Firewalls and Internet Security, 2nd Edition: Repelling the Wily Hacker
Author : William R. Cheswick, Steven M. Bellovin, and Aviel D. Rubin
Pages : 433
Publisher : Addison-Wesley
ISBN : 0-201-63466-X
Reviewed by Ken Dyke
Summary : Anyone who is responsible for information systems and does not already know everything in this book should read it. Simple shit.

Title : The Cathedral and the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source
Author : Eric S. Raymond
Pages : 241
Publisher : O'Reilly
ISBN : 0-596-00108-8
Reviewed by Ken Dyke
Summary : An anthropological investigation into the Free/Open Source Software movement. The value of some of these essays in defining what "open source" is all about can not be understated.

Title : Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary
Author : Linus Torvalds (with David Diamond)
Pages : 262
Publisher : HarperCollins
ISBN : 0-06-662073-2
Reviewed by Ken Dyke
Summary : Autobiography of Linux Torvalds, the creator of the Linux computer operating system. A fun read.

Title : PHP Cookbook - Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers
Author : Sklar, David and Adam Trachtenberg
Pages :
Publisher : O'Reilly and Associates
ISBN : 1-56592-681-1
Reviewed by Ryan Gantt
Summary : A recipe book for real world PHP solutions.

Title : XML and PHP
Author : Vikram Vaswani
Pages : 384
Publisher : New Riders Press
ISBN : 0735712271
Reviewed by Ron Newman
Summary : Well focused and down to business with a sense of humor for easy reading.

Title : Learning Java 2nd Edition
Author : Patrick Niemeyer and Jonathan Knudsen
Pages : 700
Publisher : O'Reilly
ISBN : 0-596-00285-8
Reviewed by Joe Haynes
Summary : Real world java for experienced programmers.

Title : A History of pi
Author : Petr Beckmann
Pages : 202
Publisher : Barnes & Noble Books
ISBN : 0-88029-418-3
Reviewed by Ken Dyke
Summary : A very interesting history of the mathematical number 'pi'.

Title : Understanding the Linux Kernel
Author : Daniel P. Bovet & Marco Cesati
Pages : 684
Publisher : O'Reilly
ISBN : 0-596-00002-2
Reviewed by Ken Dyke
Summary : An excellent tour of the Linux kernel that is comprensible by non-programmers.

Title : Security Engineering : A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
Author : Ross Anderson
Pages : 612
Publisher : Wiley & Sons
ISBN : 0-471-38922-6
Reviewed by : Ken Dyke
Summary : Cryptography plays only a minor role in deploying truly secure systems. Anderson focuses on engineering a secure system as a whole with particular attention paid to how gaps can break a model.

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